Past and Present Entertainment Projects

7 Stonez Productionz LLC, Film and Television Creationz
Reggie Thomas, Associate Producer, "Son of The South" Film

Reggie is most proud of his very first film credit. Reggie is an "Associate Producer" on the Spike Lee Executive Produced period piece, "Son of The South". The film debuted in theatres domestically on February 5, 2021 to great critical acclaim. The film is currently opening around the world and available on DVD and Blu-Ray. The films Executive Producer, Barry Alexander Brown, and the man himself, Spike Lee celebrated in Cannes. The A.F.I. World Peace Initiative Award was given to Barry Alexander Brown and the "Son of The South" naming the project "Film of The Year"!

"Son Of The South"

The riveting true story of Bob Zellner, an Alabama native and Grandson of that area's Grand Wizard of The Ku Klux Klan. Bob, being lead by his heart, decided to do what he knew was right over what would be acceptable to his peers and for this choice, he almost lost his life. This film is proof that good and bad people come in ALL colors. Proud to be an Associate Producer of this Oscar worthy project.

Independent Record Label Staff & Support

Reg works in concert with Penalty Entertainment's independent marketing and promotional service division, Penalty Label Services. PLS provides ALL staff related aspects of releasing recorded music. From digital marketing, Service playlist support, Video marketing, publicity, touring support, and A&R. PLS has an extensive tenure of successful recording projects under their belt. PLS requires a nominal monthly retainer for a four (4) month programmed global digital single release. Reg and his The DealMachine Consultation brand, have a pact with Neil Levine, owner CEO of PLS, for intense attention to his represented projects. Reg and Neil have seen eye to eye on several projects from Bank Roll Fresh to Kidd Kidd. Lookout for new projects coming in 2021 from "Eccentric Soul" artist, "Adaeya" and Young Gunner, "K.I.D. Hellcat"!!

Brief Personal Music History

"The Music Bug"...It all began with Reg's biological Father, Dodd "Dobie" Hicks, the lead vocalist of the 50's Doo Wop group "The Cashmeres" (pictured above the "R" in "Roll"). Mr. Hicks had a great run with "The Cashmeres" and also released successful single's under he moniker "Dobie Hicks (pictured). As his eldest Son, Reg began acting on a natural desire of producing music and later became interested in the business side of the Music Business after getting a song stolen from him. "You Said You'd Never Leave Me" was submitted on a male group by Reg but subsequently used (without his permission or notification) on a female R&B artist "Ajoya". This made him delve into what actually made the business of the music business tick.

Various Entertainment Ventures

The DealMachine Digital Content Creation and Distribution
powered by SYMPHONIC

Newly formed and gearing up for new releases, The DealMachine Digital Content Creation and Distribution company is now poised to distribute music and video internationally across ALL MAJOR PLATFORMS! The Dealmachine formed an alliance with distribution powerhouse, Symphonic Distribution to allow distribution of music and video for monetization. Symphonic works in concert with "BODEGA" , a huge sync organization for the placement of music in film and television. Symphonic is a widely respected distribution organization with boots on the ground in several of the countries they service. Working closely with Symphonic executives in Columbia, I forged a deal that will allow us to distribute without additional fees. There is only the label distribution fee, an industry standard twenty (20%) percent. The masters, publishing revenue, merchandise revenue, touring revenue, and eighty (80%) of sales revenue is ALL retained by the artist/label. The idea is to create lasting companies that own all the benefits of their hard work and this concept will allow for more empowerment in the future of music. The Dealmachine also provides marketing services with or outside the Symphonic family. To join our family, all you need is a mastered digital single/album, a quality digital visual representation (video), and a one-sheet (bio with all social media links, group/song description, etc.), we upload and you start the promotions and the rest is history. The Dealmachine Digital Content Creation and Distribution family welcomes ALL artist, ALL genres, ALL labels, ALL music period!

The DealMachine proudly presents......"MASADON"

"MASADON" the NEW SOUND OF HIP-HOP!! Masadon hails from the Dirty Dirty South. These guys have a plethora of musical influences that is well documented in their music. "TRAPDM" is what they call there unique blend of Trap, EDM, Grunge, Dup-Step, with classic Hip-Hop at the central core. This NEW musical ménage comes out the speakers unlike anything you will hear from any other Hip-Hop artist bar none! The intensity, honesty, pain, and blatant disrespect for the norm shines through every beat and every verse! Consummate consumers of all types of music themselves, they began to realize just how stagnant the Hip-Hop genre had become. The current stage of Hip-Hop is laughable with one regurgitated artist and switched up beat after another...I mean there are two "Baby"s for God's sake! MASADON is rapper, Mat "Masadon" Grant and DJ / Producer Justin "DJ EH-1" Thomas. These two have known each other for years as they are related. DJ EH-1 has four film/TV placements, the most notable from the movie "BRAVETOWN" (see below). "Mat's A Don" is the namesake and lead rapper of this eclectic collective and has the stage presence and intensity unseen in Hip-Hop until now! MASADON will be a very hard act to follow as the creativity and uniqueness of their sound will intimidate most used to the typical "808" in the chest. Look out for the single "Bloodmoon" from MASADON coming to a DSP near you in early September 2021! (check out the video provided) Hey T-Pain...!!!!!   WE ARE THAT SOMETHING ELSE!!!!!! MASADON 2021                                                                           *******Link Below for streams/downloads*******

7 Stonez Productionz 2 Show TV Development Deal with 44 Blue Productions

44 Blue Productions is a powerhouse Television Production company based in Los Angeles, CA. As an established television production company, 44 Blue has had at least one television show on a major television network each year, consecutively, for the past 35 years straight! 7 Stonez Productionz, LLC is proud to have secured inclusion in a 2 television show developmental deal with the 44 Blue brand! Our first show has "pitched out" and we have 4 solid offers (BET, Hulu, Own, Lifetime) for a "Straight to Series" deal! Something like this for a scripted series is unheard-of!! 7 Stonez is positioned to "Co-Executive Produce" and/or "Executive Produce" on both of the shows. Our first TV show is based around an Iconic Music Superstar and their connection to a specific crime phenomenon that is very prevalent in American society. We are currently preparing for market pitches on show number 2 of the deal! Stay tuned for further updates from 7 Stonez Productionz, LLC and our partnership with 44 Blue Productions!      


This latest project is also a definite winner! What do Families want most from the “Digital Age Media” for their children? It’s the key question behind every kids’ media product marketing discussion. The answer is pretty simple…A fun, safe, satisfying, and creative experience! (It’s pretty much what parents want for themselves as well!) So instead of boring them with the “same old stuff,” why not serve up engaging, entertaining and stimulating media? We are building just that. It’s called the (K.I.N. for short). Transmedia today consists of apps, streaming, television, feature films, and so much more interacting together! KIN functions without the dangers, flaws and frustrations we experience in today’s social media free-for-all! All proprietary and affiliated transmedia on KIN follows a simple developmental architecture with structure and packaging to fit a daily delivery of fresh and interesting content. With some of animations and children's programming most notable figures onboard: producer Bill Black (Son of The South), Producer Pat Corbitt (CGI animation Godfather), Matthew Warneford (founder of Dubit), Ian Douthwaith (CEO of Dubit), Veteran Producer Bill Milling (18 Emmy Award winner), and animation guru, Greg Ferguson, KIN is poised to become the industry leader in subscription based children's content!. Look for soft launch of "K.I.N." sometimes this year later in 2021, "K.I.N" OTT Platform, the NETFIX for Kids!!

KingPin Records / D.J. Uneek 1st Record Release

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Reg became the V.P./General Manager for Kingpin Records owned by D.J. UNeek, producer of BoneThugs-N-Harmony; to date, the biggest selling rap group in history. Reg coordinated a 10 city, 15 radio station, 150 retail store tour throughout the Southeastern region to promote the company’s first E.P.. "Ghetto Street Pharmacist" and the first single, “We Come 2 Serve ‘Em.” Through Reg and his team’s efforts and consultation, the single entered both the “Bubbling Under” and “Hot Rap Singles” charts in Billboard Magazine (week of 12/5/98 at #49 hot rap singles), simultaneously becoming the first record Reg would chart. Reg wore many hats while at Kingpin Records/Uneek Productions, even down to the graphic design of the album flyer shown!

My Musical "Godfather",
The Godfather of The Independent Music Business,
Danny Sims

Danny Drew Sims, the infamous music industry phenom! Danny originates from Memphis, TN but hails from the "Big Apple" where his relationships with infamous crime figure, Paul "Big Paul" Castellano and others, spawned a very lucrative career in music publishing, record production, and artist management amongst various other things! One of Danny's plethora of record industry conquest, outside of working as the infamous "consultant / bagman" for Morris Levy as well as Norby Walters, was the formulation of his legendary Reggae record label, "JAD Records" (J.ohnny Nash, A.uther Jenkins, D.anny Sims) where many a classic record was created. From "I Can See Clearly Now" to "Guava Jelly", and "I Shot The Sheriff" and other legendary recordings, JAD Records has solidified its place in Reggae history. Danny's most notable music accomplishment however is the discovery, management, and publisher of Reggae Super-Icon, Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley! Danny, with "Big Paul" as a silent partner, formed the publishing company, "Cayman Music", and Danny's estate still holds over 3000 unreleased Bob Marley & The Wailers recordings! Living and working with Danny exposed me to every aspect of the independent music marketing and promotions business as I worked hand in hand with he and Michael Koch (I lived on site with Danny actually in Santa Monica for several years) to produce Bob Marley Box sets of previously unreleased music. Danny was nothing short of a Father Figure. He will always be revered by me as responsible for a significant tutelage portion of my entertainment business "modus operandi" and very instrumental in my entertainment industry journey. Sleep well my friend, think of you often.

Young Jeezy @ Club Venue / Unifying Concert Post Hurricane Katrina

Reg produced the first "Come Back Event" in ravished New Orleans, LA on the first "Fat Tuesday" after Hurricane Katrina. Reg brought in Rap Star Young Jeezy and helped raise moral and encouraged the youth to look to the future and not to focus on the seemingly bleak outlook before them at that time. Club Venue on Tchoupitoulas street was packed wall to wall with Jeezy fans. This event is credited with providing a boost of moral and normalcy to the then, thousands of displaced, frustrated, and burdened New Orléans youth who were forced to endure one the worst natural disasters in American history, Hurricane Katrina. The event was so packed that New Orleans police on horses could barely keep order. At the end of the night, Jeezy in classic fashion, left the 2500 or so youth ready for what's next and resiliently charged for the challenges the next day would bring them. Many families still have not recovered from Hurricane Katrina's lasting physical and economic effects. Couldn't have done it without my Longtime N.O. Gangsters/family "Black Rob" and "Cash Money Cup" (RIH).  

2012 "Divorce Court" Episode Procurement

Reg procured an opportunity for himself and his Wife to appear on the Cult Classic show, "Divorce Court". Reg worked with then Divorce Court producer, Andy Hirsh, to create an episode that has become a fan favorite with several requests to replay that episode since it's November 2012 debut. The last full replay was in July of 2020 and since uploaded to YouTube on the "Divorce Court" page, has over 150K views since airing!

"The Passion Of The Christ"/ Icon Productions Marketing

"The Passion Of The Christ". Reg in concert with the Intellect Group Atlanta, created Urban marketing and promotional plans for one of the highest grossing films in film history. The marketing strategy was staging screenings nationwide in Urban arenas and requesting the patrons to take questionnaires that the film's production team then utilized. This allowed the viewer's opinion to have an impact on the final edit. This screening/questionnaire process and the Urban Marketing provided by Reg through Atlanta's "The Intellect Group" assisted this project in becoming one of history's all time selling film with over 1 Billion in box office receipts.

The Infamous Gene Griffin Partnership

Industry Legend, Icon, and Co-Founder of "New Jack Swing", Gene Griffin and Reg worked together on several occasions and were good friends. Reg worked with Gene on "Guy Live" a collection of live music GUY recorded yet to be released, pictured with Reg and Gene is the group "Ella Bella" that Reg with Benny Glickman (Azoff Music Management) and John Franzese procured a 6 figure deal for the girls with Dreamworks. Ella Bella eventually disbanded and disassociated with Gene due to contract conflicts. Reg and Gene remained great friends until his untimely passing. Reg still holds live masters to Guy's live concerts from Washington DC and Charlotte, NC to this day.

Music Placement for Feature Film "Monster"

Reg worked in concert with the veteran film and TV music supervisor again Paul Stewart and placed the riveting reggaetón track "Se Que Quieres" by Las Vegas Latino recording artist "Olate" in the Feature Film "Monster" previously entitled, "All Rise". The film got rave reviews at Sundance Film festival and was Executive Produced by Hip-Hop Icon Nas and music Icon, John Legend. The film features John David Washington, Jeffrey Wright, Jennifer Hudson, and A.S.A.P. Rocky. We are proud to announce the 2021 acquisition of "Monster" by NETFLIX!! Great job team!! Monster debuted on Friday, May 7th, 2021..check out Monster exclusively on NETFLIX now!

Bobby Brown Book Distribution and National Enquirer Scandal

Reg and industry associate, Derrick "Big D" Handspike (Down South Entertainment, "Ghetto Mafia") worked together closely as Reg provided digital book distribution for the notorious tell all book "Bobby Brown, The Truth, The Whole truth, And Nothing But..." with digital book publisher, Over The Edge Publishing. Reg also actually procured and connected the call for the infamous National Enquirer interview that would subsequently lead to Bobby Brown suing The Enquirer and Derrick Handspike as well for alleged sorted information on his relationship with the now deceased Iconic Pop Superstar, Whitney Houston.

R&B Icons Jagged Edge 3 Album Deal Procurement

This album was to be the first of a three album deal Reg negotiated for R&B sensations, "Jagged Edge". The unprecedented deal of 1.5 Millions for 3 albums at a time when Major Labels were only paying 250k for album deals was an eye opener. The deal was originally introduced to Reg by associate Darryl Perry (credit shown). Reg also structured Incentive bonuses based on forward projected sales. Unfortunately, the "The Remedy" album project would be the only one delivered to Slip -N-Slide Records by the group.

Marvin "Slim" Scandrick of R&B Icons "112" Solo Deal

Reg procured a solo artist deal for Slim's solo album entitled, "Re-Fueled" with the E-One Distributed, Shanachie records Label. Album featured Rich Homie Quan and Tank among others.

Music Placement in the film "BRAVETOWN"

The "Bravetown" movie is a closely related, modernized version of the cult classic "Footloose". After an accidental drug overdose, a talented teenage DJ goes to live with his estranged father in a small Army town, where he gets to the bottom of his own pain and learns empathy for others. The scene presented features an EDM track by a producer I know well, My Son Justin "DJ JusBangz!" Thomas! The whole scene featuring his track is featured (see video).The scene features the main character played by Lucas Till in the hospital after a nearly fatal overdose. We partnered with veteran Music Supervisor, Paul Stewart, and placed several songs in this and other projects.

SportsVision Atlanta PPV Account Executive Partnership

Reg managed over 300 Pay Per View accounts with SportsVision. Sportsvision is a commercial Pay Per View provider that focused on clubs and sports bars. The clients ranged from T.I.’s now closed “Scales” Restaurant, the infamous "Magic City" and several hundred “Hooters” locations. Reg restructured the companies marketing, promotions, and accounting processes to the point it ran like a team of individuals were at play, when actually it was only Reg and his Senior Partner Mr. Tommy Oliver.

Music Placement for BET Networks "Copwatch America" TV Show

Reg, working in concert with veteran film and TV music supervisor, Paul Stewart, helped placed multiple musical selections in the new hit BET Networks TV show, "Copwatch America". The musical selections serve as background music for various scenes in the series. Upcoming producer "ImizzRico" provided several tracks through Reg for placement on the show.

Music Placement for Feature Film "Tazmanian Devil"

Reg worked in concert with the veteran film and TV music supervisor Paul Stewart again and placed another track for up and coming producer, "ImmizRico" in the new film venture for Cash Money Films and veteran director, Benny Boom, "Tazmanian Devil". This project focuses on the perils experienced after moving to the United States for Nigerian immigrant Dayo (Attah) as he struggles to find a balance between his desire to join a college fraternity and bonding with his estranged father who is a strict pastor at a local church. The film is scheduled for late 2020, early 1 Quarter 2021 release..